4 Smart Home Technologies: Trends for 2019 & Beyond

Smart Home

In the busy world of today, smart home automation may be able to simplify things for you. Aussies are making a switch to home automation technology at a fast pace, as it allows one to seamlessly integrate everything in their home making our everyday operations easier, smarter and more comfortable.

Smart home technologies have evolved significantly during the last few years and we are noticing some fantastic advancements, particularly in home automation, entertainment, communication and data, as well as security and access control. The convenience and handiness offered by smart home technology have simplified our modern lifestyle. It has brought forth smart control for everything in your house – that means now you can control everything in your home using a single device such as your mobile phone.

Alright, let’s uncover the 4 futuristic smart home technologies, which are setting the trend for 2019

1. Home Automation

A home automation system is a tech solution that makes it possible to automate all of the electrical, electronic and tech-based chores within a home. Home automation uses a mix of software and hardware technologies that make it possible to control and manage your home appliances, devices and gadgets. Home automation has made devices and functions smarter. If you want to control everything with a device or touch screen, you can have it by installing a fully-integrated home automation system such as Control-4.

Smart Home Automation

Similarly, smart lighting and switches, motorised blinds, distributed audio, heating and cooling, garage and entry doors, as well as, security – all can be made to work cohesively, controlled by one interface. At the scheduled time that you have set or with a button’s push, it’s easy to turn on the lights of your room softly, raise your room’s window blinds; turn on your favourite music etc. You get smart control wherein you have to press a single button to control all devices for a seamless experience.

2. Entertainment

Multi Room Audio Music Systems

Gone are the days of big and hefty speakers, replaced with fully-integrated custom speaker solutions, which have become the latest fad. These days, there is a great demand for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, as these solutions offer high-quality sound and performance with a consistent aesthetic across the different zones. Moreover, built-in speakers save space on desks and shelves so they fit in appropriately with contemporary and modern design trends. These systems facilitate you to listen to your favourite music, audio-books and podcasts around your home, controlled easily through an app on your Smartphone. All the cables and wires are neatly concealed within the ceilings and walls, which is again aesthetically pleasing.

Multi Room Audio

Home Theatre

With the advancement of modern technology, now it’s very much possible to install a home theatre that challenges the movie theatre. What’s more, you can enjoy the movie with the same high-quality Dolby Atmos sound effects on your home theatre. With Dolby Atmos, the sounds of music, things and people will come alive with awe-inspiring realism and move all around you in 3-dimensional space and you’ll sense like you are inside the action. You can get a wall mounted, a ceiling mounted or a motorised surface mounted projector and screen installed. Moreover, drop down projector and projector screens are growing in popularity.

3. Security and Access Control

The increase in the home access control system that uses smart locks and keypads, not only facilitate you to lock and unlock your home remotely but also helps you to monitor who arrives and departs from your home. Moreover, you can assign identities and individual settings. The use of high-quality IP cameras that are engineered for long, consistent operation and support home automation integration, distributed in-camera recording and professional security standards. Conversely, lower quality IP cameras are used by many existing home-owners, which they need to often replace.

4. Communication and Data

Communication and Data

To enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi at your home, now you can get Wi-Fi (wireless) installation done by a reputed company who will make use of high-speed network switches and certified cat cabling (i.e. Cat 6 and Cat 6a cabling) that’s necessary for fast and reliable network.


In a nutshell, home automation is the integration of almost everything within the property such as lights, electrical outlets, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and these are connected to a remotely controllable network. This can also include your property’s alarm systems, blinds, locks, surveillance cameras, and entertainment. Home automation grants you access to control devices within your property right from your Smartphone device from nearly anywhere in the world.

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