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Smart home automation will make your life convenient and enjoyable.

Shellharbour's Leading Installer of Home Automation Systems

As the foremost home automation specialist in Shellharbour, Connected Audio Visual is your go-to source for innovation. We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into the heart of your home, going beyond audio-visual excellence to include smart lighting, climate control, and intuitive home automation systems.

Transform your lifestyle with customised solutions meticulously fashioned by our experienced team. Whether it’s creating immersive entertainment spaces or optimising energy efficiency, we redefine your experience and interaction with living spaces. Embrace a seamless fusion of technology and comfort with Connected Audio-Visual – where your vision of a smart home transforms into reality.

Home Automation

Personalised Smart Solutions that Mirror Your Style

Experience excellence with Connected Audio Visual, the leader in designing and installing high-end smart home and audio/video solutions. Our designs and solutions revolve around your vision for how your home should seamlessly interact with you, customised to meet your family’s needs. We aim to enlighten our customers about our industry and provide an unmatched experience.

We serve the Shellharbour area, which covers Albion Park, Shell Cove, Barrack Heights, Blackbutt, Oak Flats and beyond.

Smart Solution

Smart Home Tech Simplifies Your Life

Experience the ease and convenience of a fully connected home, where lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more are managed effortlessly from one platform.
Motorised Blinds Control

Automated Blinds & Curtains

Elevate your smart modern home with automated blinds and curtains to control light and privacy and effortlessly boost energy efficiency.

Theatre Install

Home Theatre Integration

Upgrade your living space with a home theatre integration, providing an immersive entertainment experience and cinematic joy at your fingertips.

Network, Internet & Wi-Fi Connectivity

Ensure a robust network and data infrastructure for your home, facilitating uninterrupted connectivity and efficient communication between devices.

Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm System Installation

Safeguard your home with a fire alarm system that detects and alerts occupants when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other emergencies exist.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Camera Installation

Monitor, control, and restrict your home security from anywhere. Smart home technology offers unmatched security and safety even when you're away.

Gates, Doors and Locks

Smart Door Locks and Gate Automation

Experience the convenience of remotely unlocking and locking your door or gate with the simple touch of a button on your devices.

Intercom & Access Control

Intercom & Access Control

Fortify security with an intercom system, a high-tech electronic security product that lets you see and communicate with your visitors before granting them access to the front door.

Efficient Smart Wiring

Our intelligent wiring design will optimise the cabling infrastructure of your home, ensuring simplicity, tidiness, and future-proofing.

Simplify Control with One App for Your Entire Home

Instead of separate apps to control shades, thermostats, and light bulbs, use only one app that efficiently manages and controls these devices. Experience the convenience of preparing your home on the way back from work by adjusting the temperature, closing the shades, and putting on the lights—all without navigating through multiple apps.
One App

Integrated Home Security Systems

Ensuring a fail-proof home security system is paramount for many Shellharbour homeowners. We specialise in designing and installing user-friendly integrated home security systems that protect against potential threats.

Utilising cutting-edge technology solutions, we seamlessly connect your smart CCTV cameras, intercoms, access control, and alarm systems into a unified interface, allowing you to monitor everything happening on your property.

Manage Home

Home Theatre & Multi-Room Audio for Seamless Entertainment

Enhance your home’s style, sophistication, and luxury with personalised home theatre installation and elevate your entertainment experience. From luxurious theatre rooms to multi-room audio systems, our skilled home theatre installers can tailor a system to suit you and your family.

Our team of experts will work with you to design a multi-room audio or home theatre system that aligns with your existing home design, entertainment requirements, and budget.

Multi Room

Who We Work With?

Our valued collaborators and clients


Architects & Interior Designers

At Connected Audio Visual, we can help you design a home that seamlessly integrates the finest technology from the ground up.

Builders & Developers

Builders & Developers

We work with builders to ensure the integration of smart home infrastructure alongside other construction endeavours.



Please consult with our home automation specialists to turn your vision of a smart home into a reality.

Corporate & Business

Corporate & Business

Whether it's a collaborative space or your corporate boardroom, we can simplify intricacies and elevate your experience with crystal-clear audio and visuals.

NDIS & Assisted Living

NDIS & Assisted Living

We provide NDIS-approved solutions personalised to your age or disability-related needs.



Take your patrons' entertainment experience to the next level by discreetly integrating venue technology.

How it works

We simplify the process for your new smart home

STEP : 01

Consultation & Quote

Discuss your technology needs with our team to determine the scope of work and receive a quote proposal.

STEP : 02

Concept & Design

Upon accepting the proposal, our design team creates detailed plans, overlays, elevations, and schematics.

STEP : 03

Installation & Handover

Our projects team collaborates with all stakeholders for an efficient project delivery, adhering to timelines and budgets.

STEP : 04

Service & Maintenance

Beyond regular support, we provide preventative maintenance and ongoing servicing for your smart technology solutions.


Frequently asked questions

Careful planning is essential; we assess and discuss your plans comprehensively, collaborating with you, the builder, or the architect. While installing during the construction phase is optimal, we have solutions available for already built and completed homes.
The cost will vary based on your requirements and expectations for a home automation installation in Sydney. During an initial consultation, our technician will provide a comprehensive quote for all aspects of the service.
Home Automation allows you to control appliances and equipment automatically and remotely using devices such as smartphones. Whether it’s lighting, heating, cooling, or entertainment systems, automated controls allow adjustments at predetermined times or in response to changes.
The time required depends on the extent of the work being undertaken. Our home automation technicians attempt to complete services within the agreed-upon timeframe.

We make using smart technology simple.