Enjoy Spring with a High-Quality Outdoor Entertainment System

Enjoy Spring

Spring has sprung and the sunny days have begun. You can now enjoy the beauty of fresh, colourful flowers, trees that are alive with leaves again and the lovely warm Aussie sun. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors pottering around the garden and sharing a meal with friends and family on your patio. It’s also the perfect time to install a high-end outdoor sound system and increase your enjoyment of this beautiful time of year even more-for example, you can install smart audio technology in your garden or pool area.

So, what are the things you’ll need to enjoy high-end audio, in your outdoors?

Your outdoor audio system will work a bit differently compared to the audio system in your music room. Here are the things you’ll require to maximise your enjoyment.


Speakers are the main component of an audio system. To begin with, your outdoor components are waterproof and engineered to withstand humidity, water, salt, spray, heat and UV rays. Their cabinets are normally built from weather-resistant materials like plastic or brass. As your outdoor speakers don’t have walls to echo off, many outdoor systems are installed with more units that are placed all through your outdoor area, to immerse you in audio bliss.

High Quality Outdoor Speaker

Centralised Control

While you’re sitting or walking in your home’s outdoor garden or patio area, your whole-home audio system can double your enjoyment by letting you tune into your favourite music track, radio station or podcast. What’s more, it’s so easy to use! Your whole-home audio system offers you centralised control right at your fingertips using your Smartphone where you can choose different playlists for different spaces, or enjoy the same tracks regardless if you’re inside or outside.

Amplifier for the Outdoor Area

Your audio system will connect with the same receiver and sources that you use inside your home. To achieve this, your WLAN network needs to be strong. Your amplifier will be housed in a safe spot in your home along with the other components of our home entertainment system.

Outdoor Sound System Installer


Your outdoor system’s subwoofer most likely will be placed underground. The subwoofer takes care of the low notes, offering weight to your audio system through heavy bass tones making the music more enjoyable.

Are you thinking to install a high-end audio system at your home’s outdoor space?

Want to enjoy clear, rich detailed sound in the comfort of your home? Contact us at Connected Audio Visual (CAV) – Call 1300 228 001 and tell us your requirements. Once we understand what your requirements are, right away we’ll arrange a specialist audio-visual installer to complete your home’s outdoor sound system installation, so you’ll be able to step outside of your home listening to your favourite music track.


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