Smart Tech Solutions for the Commercial Sector

Smart Tech

Whether it’s an essential meeting room or a fully connected and automated facility, we can assist you in achieving success with technology wherever
people gather.

Elevate Your Client Experience for a Competitive Edge

Transform your client experience, from collaborative spaces to corporate boardrooms. We simplify complexity and elevate your experience with crystal-clear audio and visuals, adding a dynamic layer to your sales pitch. Implement industry-leading security solutions to safeguard your assets and vibrant lighting solutions to light up your showrooms and displays. Our tailored technology integration solutions ensure your business gains the competitive edge it needs.

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Innovative Tech Solutions for Corporate & Commercial Spaces

In the dynamic business landscape, various spaces play crucial roles, which you can enhance through technology integration. Whether it’s leaving a lasting impression in the reception area or formulating a transformative strategy in the boardroom, AV Integration is pivotal in maximising the efficiency of these spaces. 


Connected Audio Visual specialises in customising solutions for diverse commercial sectors, including hospitality, corporate offices, health and fitness, and accommodation applications. Our expertise spans the design, maintenance, sales, and installation of smart technology solutions, encompassing security systems, entertainment, digital signage, and audio-visual components.

Innovative Tech

Smart Technology Integration That Elevates Your Space

Audio Visual & Entertainment

Audio Visual & Entertainment

Connected Audio Visual can handle all your AV needs with seamless integration of smart technology, be it meeting rooms, booking panels, wayfinding signage or video walls.

Workplace Tech

Workplace Tech Innovation

Transform your work environment with tailored tech solutions for enhanced convenience, reliability, and efficiency.

CCTV Mastery

CCTV Surveillance Mastery

Ensure your guests and staff's safety with personalised security solutions, covering managed access control and cutting-edge CCTV video surveillance.

Access Control

Intercom & Access Control

Implement the best security systems with the latest technology, including access control, intercoms, and alarm systems and enjoy the best protection and peace of mind.


Network, Internet and Wi-Fi Seamless Connectivity

Connected Audio Visual will help establish a robust and reliable network that effortlessly manages all interconnected IoT devices, ensuring smooth operations.

Smart Lighting & Control

Smart Lighting

Incorporate smart lighting systems seamlessly into new commercial projects, optimising efficiency and control within the building's design.

Elevate Your Experience Through Innovative Smart Technology

The future of corporate businesses lies in flexibility and technology, shaping strategies for creating new products and services catering to a broader, more diverse audience.


Efficiency, easy replication, and seamless connectivity are essential for innovating and adopting new business models. Collaborative technology and integrated systems will be crucial in illuminating the path forward.

Elevate Experience

Solutions for Corporate Offices & Commercial Spaces

Board Room

Board Room & Meeting Spaces

Ensure punctual and smooth boardroom meetings with our integrated solutions, featuring reliable audio-visual technology.

Event Spaces

Event Spaces

Create a premium event space with high-definition displays, advanced audio systems, and control software for any celebration, conference, or special event.

Conference Spaces

Deliver impactful keynotes and immersive multimedia presentations for large teams and entire business events.

Climate Control

Climate Control

You can automatically set conference rooms to the optimal temperature for the 9:00 am meeting.

Led Display

LED Displays & Video Walls

Capture attention and engage visitors with LED displays and video walls, showcasing compelling content through seamless video, imagery, and live feeds.

Multi Room Audio

Multi-Room Audio

Control audio across multiple zones with a centralised system, distributing audio throughout your commercial space or building.

Smart Business Automation Specialist in Sydney

Connected Audio Visual is your reliable business automation service provider, serving the Illawarra, Kiama, Wollongong, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Sydney, Newcastle, and beyond. Whether it’s an AV solution for your meeting room, a CCTV security system for your business, or door access control, Connected Audio Visual possesses the expertise, products, and resources to design and execute your upcoming smart home or commercial project.

Experts In Marine

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Shell Cove

Shell Cove

This stunning property represents the pinnacle of luxury living in Shell Cove a luxurious masterpiece seamlessly blending architectural design and technological innovation. Situated on the scenic South Coast of NSW, this residential gem harmoniously marries cutting-edge smart home integration

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Casa Del

Casa del Sud Kiama

Nestled along the picturesque Kiama surf beach, Casa del Sud is an awe-inspiring home meticulously transformed by the innovative Boom Build team. In this architectural marvel, our experts seamlessly integrated cutting-edge smart home technology, harmonising it with the home’s.

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Werri Project

Werri Project

Presenting the Werri Project, nestled along the South Coast of New South Wales, where the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge smart home technology and luxurious modern coastal living embodies innovation and beauty. 

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How it works

We Simplify the Process for Your New Smart Home

STEP : 01

Consultation & Quote

Our team will discuss with you to understand your technology requirements, which will help us to provide you with a quotation and a detailed scope of work.

STEP : 02

Concept & Design

Upon acceptance of the proposal, our design team creates intricate cabling plans, floor plan overlays, elevations, and schematics.

STEP : 03

Installation & Handover

Collaborating with all relevant stakeholders, our projects team ensures the efficient delivery of your project, adhering to timelines and budget.

STEP : 04

Support, Service & Maintenance

In addition to our standard support, we provide preventative maintenance and ongoing servicing for your smart technology solutions.


Frequently asked questions

The duration for successfully integrating audio-visual components varies based on the project’s scope. Contact us for detailed information
Our comprehensive process encompasses meticulous planning, design, installation, testing, and fine-tuning, ensuring each phase is carefully aligned with your vision.
Indeed, our adept sound engineers specialise in tailoring soundscapes to diverse environments, ensuring an optimal auditory experience for every seat in the house.
Our solutions are always customised to meet your goals, challenges, and circumstances. Whether planning an event or installing a new conference room, prices are determined based on complexity, labour, venue, and more. For pricing details, please feel free to contact us.

We make using smart technology simple.