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Do you often have to put up with Wi-Fi dead spots or Wi-Fi dropouts as you move from one room to another at your home or workplace? CAV installs high performance, business-grade Wi-Fi to ensure clear, even coverage throughout your home or business. We expand your network, delivering seamless, instantaneous handovers between wireless access points.

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We also install parallel public/private Wi-Fi networks allowing your clients to access Wi-Fi on a free or paid basis, while protecting the security of your sensitive business systems. When combined with smart cabling, you have a robust Wi-Fi system that delivers consistent speeds and clever integration possibilities.

Setting up a reliable wireless network demands expertise and years of experience and as your one-stop solution for home and commercial Wi-Fi, we have the equipment, installation service and support that sets us apart from other network specialists in the Illawarra and Kiama.

WIFI Network Setup for Home & Office

Whether your Kiama location is a large open office, a retail store, restaurant, a warehouse or a home, our networking experts at CAV possess the flexibility and experience to provide superior wireless network installation services for commercial, residential and events. From designing a wireless network and smooth Wi-Fi installation to providing reliable support by highly qualified professionals, Connected Audio Visual allows you to enjoy high-speed internet anytime and anywhere. No matter your location and requirement, our wireless experts combine performance, reliability and ease of use to deliver complete data cabling solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

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