Smart Home Automation & Security Solutions for NDIS Support

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Uphold your independence using technology designed for assisted living. Enhance your lifestyle with personalised assisted living solutions approved by the NDIS.

Elevate Your Lifestyle and Home Accessibility

Our team can introduce user-friendly smart automation and assisted home technology to your living space, creating a hassle-free solution for the ultimate independent living experience.


From planning and design to installation and maintenance, we can set up a system that simplifies your daily routines for optimal comfort, independence, and luxury.


You can use our systems without being a tech expert. At Connected Audio Visual, we tailor smart technology for you, making advanced technology simple.

Enhance Home Accessibility with Smart Tech for Disabilities

At Connected Audio Visual, we provide NDIS-supported home automation solutions to assist disabled people. Our solutions enable individuals with disabilities to control different aspects of their homes using voice commands or a smartphone app. Enhancing comfort, safety, and energy efficiency promotes independence for those facing mobility, vision, or dexterity challenges.


We work closely with each client to craft customised solutions that cater to their unique needs and preferences. With advanced technology and expert installation, Connected Audio Visual strives to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Enhance Home

Smart Technology That Makes Assisted Living Easy

Motorised Gates

Motorised Gates and Doors

Streamline your home entry and exit with our secure motorised gates and doors, easily controlled by various smart devices.

Window Fixtures

Automated Window Fixtures

Effortlessly adjust blinds and shades with a simple button press or set them to a schedule. It's that easy!

Climate Control

Stay comfortable by efficiently managing temperature settings with automated air conditioning, heating, and cooling systems.

Intercom & Access Control System

Video Intercom & Access Control

Fortify your home security with diverse options for peace of mind. Communicate through the intercom, monitor your front door, and control property access from anywhere.

Audio Visual Solutions

We can customise your audio and visual technology, from compact to large screens and easily adjustable volume, to meet your needs.

Smart Lighting & Control

Automated Lighting

Effortlessly control lights or set up automation schedules for different areas of your home based on your preferences.

Centralised Home Control Made Simple

Take charge of your entire home’s technology effortlessly. We’ll connect all your devices, facilitating easy control through your smart device or a personalised user interface.


Do you prefer a hands-free approach? No worries. We can arrange voice activation throughout your system.

Home Control

Simplifying Technology for You

Our initial conversation with you will be to understand the features you need, and then we’ll plan, design, and install them in your home.


We can upgrade any home by incorporating sensors and microprocessors into your technology, making it accessible and easy to control.

Simplifying Tech

Empowering Independent Living with Innovative Features

Explore our NDIS-approved solutions designed to cater to your age or
disability requirements:


Sensor-activated lighting

Gates, Doors and Locks

Keyless door access


Voice activation and control

Remote Access & Monitoring

Remotely monitoring


Seamless AV integration

Connected Technology

Wireless connectivity


Emergency call systems

Automatic Door

Automatic door and gate openers

Ensure Home Security and Peace of Mind

Experience the reassurance of a secure home with a range of safety features. Smart locks manage property access, while CCTV cameras offer a view of approaching visitors without opening your door.


Effortlessly communicate through an intercom from anywhere within your home or from afar to your front door or other rooms. Enhance nighttime visibility and safety with automated security lighting and sensors to deter potential intruders.

How it works

We simplify the process for your new smart home

STEP : 01

Consultation & Quote

Our team will consult with you to learn about your technology needs. Then, we’ll provide you with a proposal and scope of work.

STEP : 02

Concept & Design

Once the proposal has been accepted, our design team begins preparing detailed cabling plans, floor plan overlays, elevations, and schematics.
STEP : 03

Installation & Handover

Our projects team will work with all required stakeholders to ensure the efficient delivery of your project, to time and budget.

STEP : 04

Service & Maintenance

On top of our typical support, we can offer preventative maintenance and ongoing servicing of your smart technology solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Connected Audio Visual is based in Lake Illawarra and offers smart home automation and security solutions for assisted living in the Illawarra, Sydney, Southern Highlands, South Coast region, Wollongong, Newcastle, and beyond. Please get in touch with us if you require services in other areas.
The cost varies based on the complexity of your home automation project and the features you want to automate. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.

We make using smart technology simple.