8 Vital Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During Holidays

Home Safety Tips

During the holiday season and particularly during Christmas, home burglaries are prevalent and there are two major reasons. The first is thieves know that during Christmas, people do a lot of shopping and so they can get some expensive items from their homes. Secondly, many people go on long holiday trips to get peace away from the city life and to spend a good time with family with all the adventure, fun and excitement.

Well, you don’t have to worry, as you can keep your home secure when you’re away from your home enjoying your fun-filled trip.

Here are the 8 vital tips that will help you to keep your home safe giving you complete peace of mind while you’re holidaying.

1. Strengthen All Entryways That Lead Into Your House

It’s essential to strengthen the doors, windows and other entryways into your home. Right before your long holidays is the perfect time to do it. Burglars look for weak targets in doors and windows, so if they aren’t appropriately reinforced, burglars will get through the weak spots even if you have properly locked all your entry points. Moreover, you should ideally replace the doors and windows that have developed some types of cracks or damages, with newer and secure models.

2. Request Your Neighbour to Keep an Eye over Your Home

Burglars look for specific signs that give strong hint that there is no one residing inside the home. Typically, these signs include a stack of newspapers and mail or outdoor lights that remains on continually throughout the day and night. Here you can request your neighbour to collect your mail while you’re away, so it doesn’t attract the unwanted attention of the thieves. Besides, give a spare key to your neighbour so they can switch OFF any lights that remain on. Give them your contact numbers, so they can contact you in case of a disorder at your residence.

3. Install Security Cameras

Install Security Cameras

24/7 video surveillance systems are one of the most powerful deterrents against break-in and theft, protecting the health and safety of your loved ones, and now with the development of smart technology, you can watch over your home in real-time remotely using an app on your Smartphone. So if you are away on holidays, or out visiting friends. You can rest assured that your home is being monitored at all times.

4. Check Your Cameras Twice Before Leaving For Your Holidays

Already have a home alarm system in place! Fine, check it twice to confirm if it’s working properly. Call your home automation company and ensure all connections are secure and readable from their end. Test all of the windows, doors and motion sensors before going out on your trip. Suppose, you have home automation and cameras in place, then just do a test moving away from your house property, to make sure all of your wireless connection and passwords – everything is set right and working properly for the holidays. Imagine that thieves are waiting outside trying to get into your property while you’re setting up and testing the security cameras of your house, and you’ll be happy to set up secure systems in place.

5. Refrain from Publicising Your Vacation Trips on Social Media

Have you already planned for your Christmas vacation trip in advance? Well, that’s great! However, when it’s time for your much-awaited vacation trip, refrain from publicising your trip over the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. That means don’t mention anything about your trip including when you are leaving, where you are heading to and when you’re going to return. By this information, thieves will easily come to know about your whereabouts and when you’ll be returning, giving them sufficient information, which will help them to easily intrude your house property and leave with all your valuables.

6. Set up Smart Home Technology

Smart home devices will take your home security to the next level and here are some of those devices:

  • Motion Sensors: Be it passive or active sensors, they evaluate changes in the environment and will prompt when motion is detected.
  • Security Cameras: Once activated by a motion sensor, it records security breaches either inside or outside of your property with gadgets available in wired and wireless configurations.
  • Video Camera Doorbells: Doorbells with integrated video cameras can be easily installed at any entrance of your property.
  • LED Smart Lighting: Set up/ program your system with its related application and switch lights ON or OFF from wherever you are.
  • WiFi Smart Locks: Pair your Smartphone with Bluetooth or use proximity detectors (key fobs), access codes (using keypads) to digitally secure your front door.
  • Smart Home Hub: Sync all of your smart home devices and control your whole home security system from one central unit.

7. Monitor Your Home from Right Where You Are

Modern IP monitored security systems facilitate homeowners to remotely open doors for visitors and even look at the cameras from their Smartphone right where they are. This is an exceptional security improvement!

8. Find Your Authorized Home Automation Dealer

Home automation is a lifestyle and the perfect gift that you can lend to your house, which will provide you with peace of mind while you’re holidaying with your family. Install control4’s home automation system at the earliest and make this holiday season memorable one!

Authorised Home Automation Dealer

So what are you waiting for? Walk into your nearest authorized Control4 Home Automation Dealer today and get started.

5 Key Pointers to Remember:

  1. Refrain from hiding a key outside of your home because thieves know how to search and obtain the key from the secret, hidden places; rather, give it to a trusted neighbour.
  2. When you’re touring during the holidays, keep your newspaper and mail deliveries on hold.
  3. It’s recommended to install automated lights or leave some of your ordinary but less energy ingesting lights ON.
  4. Make sure your garage is always locked. If you have a garage door opener, disconnect it if you are away for a considerable amount of time.
  5. An array of home security systems is available on the market; choose the one that’s perfect for your family’s needs.Home Automation and AV Specialist


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