Do You Really Have To Install CCTV In Your Home?

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Well, every homeowner wants his/her home to remain safe and secure. Installing security systems are imperative when it comes to shielding your valuables, your home, and most importantly, your family. One such security measure that’s highly sought after these days is CCTV (i.e. Closed-Circuit Television). CCTV installation is an affordable option that can monitor and record what’s happening in and around your home while you’re away.

CCTV installation is becoming more economical and it’s easily available to all Australian families. Quality of cameras is getting better as well and many systems come complete with:

  • Remote access via Wi-Fi
  • Audio and sound recording
  • Full-HD recording
  • Internal hard drives

Yet, if you aren’t convinced that CCTV installation is not worth the investment for your home then here are some reasons to think about:

1. CCTV provides you with the capability to monitor your family while you’re away

When you install CCTV in your home, it helps you to monitor your family while you’re away from your home. Moreover, CCTV can help you monitor the health of the elderly as well as disabled family members. The technology can aid in alerting you of any medical emergencies or accidents when they occur, so you can act promptly and provide timely care.

2. CCTV provides safety from burglars

CCTV Camera Installation

At all times, we can’t keep an eye on our homes, that’s where CCTV comes into the picture. Strangers invading your private property or even getting into your home may have the intent of stealing or theft. CCTV acts as a restraint and is second only to dogs that bark loudly and is quite effective in dissuading the thieves. Well, thieves and robbers don’t want to be identified or caught, so anything that raises the alarm or might connect them to the crime can act as a potent restraint to most of the thieves. For thieves look for uncomplicated and easy house break-ins, but CCTV cameras spoil their plan.

3. CCTV renders a sense of security and peace of mind when you’re away from your home

You can’t be in your home all the time. Due to work and other activities, you have to stay away from your home for long hours. Perhaps, you may also have to travel interstate frequently for work. Well, if you’re always travelling away from your home, it’s natural to worry about the safety of your family members and home belongings. However, when you install CCTV in your home, you can get peace of mind. It’s just like a 24-hour security guard that continuously keeps watch of your home while you’re away from your home. When you install CCTV in your home, you don’t have to take any worries or be anxious while you’re away from your home but enjoy complete peace of mind.

4. CCTV prompts your neighbours to behave appropriately

CCTV doesn’t only shield you from opportunistic thieves but also aid in dissuading unpleasant neighbours from inducing problems. Just like the home invaders, cunning neighbours don’t want to get trapped in trouble.

5. CCTV provides proof of accidents or crime

If the worst does occur, CCTV plays a crucial role. When your home falls prey to accidents or crime, CCTV camera footage can give very useful evidence. Making use of CCTV footage, police can identify and catch thieves and robbers. As a matter of fact, it’s believed that CCTV plays a critical role in lowering anti-social behaviour, violence and crime. Moreover, in the occurrence of an accident, you can give your CCTV footage to the insurance company when filing your claim. Well, every little bit of evidence matters, as we all know how insurance companies will take any excuse to avoid paying for the damages. Well, it’ll never reach this end; however, if it does reach, then CCTV can assist you to find the conclusion and rebound when things go out of hand.

Commercial CCTV Installation

Do you feel the need to get the CCTV installation done for your home?

If the above-mentioned pointers give you enough reason and if you decide to get the CCTV camera installed in your Wollongong home then get in touch with the experts today – Connected Audio Visual does everything for you, right from your home’s data cabling and Wi-Fi, to home cinema systems, to surveillance security camera installation. Contact Connected Audio Visual when you’re looking for a home security plan to match your needs and budget for we have you covered:

  • Replacement or updates to outdated, defective or damaged security systems.
  • Complete home security systems for new properties.
  • Install added measures like panic buttons, intercoms, motion sensors and security lighting.

We’ve executed complete security solutions for residential and commercial properties in and around Illawarra, NSW. With our vast experience, you can trust our professional team to keep your home secure regardless of which part of the land you reside.


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