3 Reasons for Hiring AV Specialists for Installing Your Home Theatre

Home Theatre

Have you finally made the decision to invest in luxury and sophistication by bringing the cinema experience into your own home with a dedicated home theatre system? It is imperative that you have an experienced and professional av specialist involved in the process. When creating an immersive home cinema with the best brands unless you have it installed by AV installation specialists, you won’t get the experience that you’re looking for and deserve.

It’s always beneficial to consult an experienced audiovisual specialist early in the process if you want to ensure you get the home theatre experience you have always had in mind. Your AV specialist can assess where you plan to install the home theatre system and whether you need to make any electrical upgrades to install the new system, which is both safe and highly-functional while delivering the desired viewing experience.

An AV specialist can aid you with your brand new home theatre installation in the following ways:

1. Finding the Right Location for your Equipment

Your AV specialist offers more than a simple installation service. The process begins with a consultation in order to explore the individual needs of the client. For example, is the system part of new construction? Or an upgrade to a current media room?

Home Cinema Setup

Your AV specialist can help you decide which room makes more sense taking into account ambient lighting, external noise and many other factors. Once you decide where your theatre will go, your AV specialist can help you choose which screens, seating, and speakers you should use and if you want your speakers to be hidden or visible, and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for your surround sound.

2. Concealing the Cords for a sleek look

Cables that are hidden from view make for a streamlined look in your home theatre room. Your multimedia components and speaker interconnects can be concealed in the walls, floors or roof cavities by a professional. It is also much safer for children – and for the equipment – if cables are concealed. This will also keep your entire existing fixtures in place giving an aesthetically pleasing decor. Moreover, to create an immaculate look, your av specialist can also install new outlets.

3. Manage the Load

Well, just a big television screen alone won’t damage your home’s electrical system. Nonetheless, when you consider all the other electronic equipment and devices such as digital recording device, speakers, gaming systems etc, you’re probably looking at considerable electrical load. An AV specialist can test all electrical outlets and wiring to ensure your home’s wiring is capable of accepting your home theatre’s load. If at all the competent professional find out that your home’s circuits and wiring require upgrades then you don’t have to worry a bit, as the team can right away install new circuits and wiring for you.

The Bottom Line

Even if you have some knowledge about electric wiring and outlets, it’s best to hand over the installation of your brand new home theatre system to an AV installation specialist, so you can enjoy the best viewing and surround sound experience.

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