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TV Wall Mount Installation

CAV has the expertise to mount TV of all brands, any model and size on any type of wall or ceiling and ensure you get the ultimate TV viewing experience. A wall-mounted TV can lower your neck stress and pain while you’re watching your favourite movie or show. Above all, the wall-mounted TV looks great and enhances your room’s decor.

Wall Mounting TV Advantages

Frees Up Space

A wall mount TV can free up space if your room has limited floor space. You can have your TV wall mounted above the fireplace or radiator, or anywhere in the room that offers a convenient viewing experience. This way, you can make the most efficient use of your wall space.

Gives you the Best Viewing Angle

Enjoy the best TV viewing experience from different angles without compromising on the picture quality.


A wall-mounted TV lowers the possibility of damages to your flat-panel LCD or plasma TV. When you position your TV in low or busy areas, it may result in damage from the screen being hit or touched by an object.

Protection from Children

Worry no more for a button being pressed or a curious child climbing on an entertainment centre. Wall mounting your TV is a great way to protect your TV from your children or visiting kids.

Discourage Theft

It’s easier to steal a freestanding TV than a wall-mounted TV.

TV Wall Mounting Equipment

Most TVs don’t come with wall mounting equipment and there are different options to wall mount your TV that includes swivel, tilting and flat, as well as, adjustable and full-motion brackets among others. At CAV, we can help you to choose the trendiest TV mounting bracket option that not only boosts your room’s ambience but also offers great functionality.

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