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Pre Wiring and Installation

Are you building a new home, renovating or adding a new media room or home theatre?

We work closely with Architects & Designers on their designs and specification. As your professional A/V installer, we can help with individual product needs or requirements for entire projects, both residential and commercial.

CAV specialises in system design covering all aspects to integrate audio-visual equipment, automation, video surveillance as well as access control solutions creating simple to use and effective systems that work for commercial and residential environments.

Our system design consultants work closely with you to lead a comprehensive, end-to-end process covering all stages from planning, design and specifications through to prewiring and installation to deliver the right solution for you. Your system will be easy to use, reliable and contribute to operational efficiencies.

If you are building your new home or renovating, it’s an exciting time! By pre-wiring your house, you can save costs and avoid the disappointment of limiting your technology options down the track. The Prewiring stage involves designing and installing a centralised cable solution that supports the way you use technology and media in your home or business. If you want a home theatre, automation or multi-room audio-visual system, CAV can build it into the framework of the house.

Your system will be installed with quality workmanship, fully tested and you can rely on our technical expertise to continue to provide support services and maintenance.

Benefits of Pre-wiring

Home A/V prewiring serves as a strong and stable foundation to provide the right connected infrastructure for your home theatre and home automation. The benefits of pre-wiring for home theatre, audio and video include

  • Seamless integration of audio visual equipment, surveillance and beyond for home automation.
  • Visually appealing with cables discreetly hidden to enhance the home viewing experience
  • Reliability, faster connectivity and uninterrupted connection
  • Avoid inevitable wireless breakdowns
  • Save expenses of post-wiring when adding new equipment
  • Future proofs your home for present and future technology
  • Cost-effective since retrofitting can be extremely expensive
  • Allows you to repurpose wiring as your needs change

Discover the wiser difference between a shoddy prewiring and professional prewiring by hiring CAV audio-visual system experts that make your world richer and less complicated.

Pre-Wire For Surround Sound In New Construction

Looking for surround-sound capability to enjoy music, Netflix, Foxtel and more in your media room? It is always wise to pre-wire for surround sound in new construction, just in case you decide to turn it into a theatre room for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Our custom home theatre pre-wire and installation solutions ensure that you enjoy a movie-going experience today and tomorrow. We design and prewire hundreds of projects.

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