Quay House

Quay House transcends the definition of a mere holiday home on the picturesque shores of Jervis Bay along the South Coast of New South Wales. It stands as a paragon of sophistication, innovation, and comfort. Architect Liam of Robertson Collectif and Connected Audio Visual’s technological prowess seamlessly unite, culminating in an unparalleled living experience where luxury and smart living harmoniously coexist. This project serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities when visionary architecture intersects with cutting-edge technology.

Project Features

Architectural Excellence

Liam’s visionary architectural design lays the foundation for the exceptional aesthetics of Quay House. The fusion of bold concrete forms with timber ceilings exudes opulence and grace. This design encapsulates the principles of functional minimalism and stylish simplicity, enhancing the smart home living experience while seamlessly harmonising with the natural surroundings.

Intelligent and Interconnected Living Experience

At the core of Quay House’s allure lies the expertise of Connected Audio Visual (CAV), the driving force behind its intelligent and interconnected living experience. CAV’s contributions encompass a comprehensive array of smart technologies that elevate residents’ lifestyles to unparalleled heights.

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